Weather in Orlando, Florida 

James Smith | Jan 12, 2021

Weather in Orlando, Florida 

Weather in Orlando, Florida 

As we have clients booking with us all year around, we felt it was worth giving visitors to our site an idea of what they should expect, weather wise, when and if they decide to visit the Orlando, Florida area. Although central Florida has a subtropical climate, characterized by warm temperatures year-round, high humidity, and distinct wet and dry seasons, it can sometimes be disrupted by extreme weather events, and variations from the normal, so be aware that isn’t definitive and variations from these averages are very possible. That being said, here's a detailed month-by-month breakdown of the typical weather patterns you can expect in Orlando.


  • Average High/Low Temperatures: 71°F / 49°F (22°C / 9°C)
  • Rainfall: About 2.3 inches
  • Weather Patterns: January is one of the coldest months, though temperatures are mild compared to much of the United States. It’s mostly dry with low humidity, making it a pleasant winter getaway.


  • Average High/Low Temperatures: 74°F / 51°F (23°C / 11°C)
  • Rainfall: About 2.4 inches
  • Weather Patterns: Similar to January, February is relatively dry and mild, though temperatures start to warm slightly as spring approaches.


  • Average High/Low Temperatures: 78°F / 56°F (26°C / 13°C)
  • Rainfall: About 3.5 inches
  • Weather Patterns: March sees a noticeable warming trend. The weather remains mostly dry, but the chances of rain begin to increase toward the end of the month.


  • Average High/Low Temperatures: 83°F / 60°F (28°C / 16°C)
  • Rainfall: About 2.4 inches
  • Weather Patterns: April is typically warm and pleasant with moderate humidity. Rainfall is still relatively low, making it a great month for outdoor activities.


  • Average High/Low Temperatures: 88°F / 66°F (31°C / 19°C)
  • Rainfall: About 3.6 inches
  • Weather Patterns: May marks the beginning of the warmer and wetter season. Humidity increases, and there’s a higher likelihood of afternoon thunderstorms.


  • Average High/Low Temperatures: 91°F / 72°F (33°C / 22°C)
  • Rainfall: About 7.3 inches
  • Weather Patterns: June is the start of the hurricane season and is characterized by daily afternoon thunderstorms and high humidity.


  • Average High/Low Temperatures: 92°F / 74°F (34°C / 23°C)
  • Rainfall: About 7.2 inches
  • Weather Patterns: July is typically the hottest month, with frequent thunderstorms in the afternoon. It's very humid.


  • Average High/Low Temperatures: 92°F / 74°F (34°C / 23°C)
  • Rainfall: About 7.1 inches
  • Weather Patterns: Similar to July, August experiences peak temperatures and continued high chances of thunderstorms. It remains very humid.


  • Average High/Low Temperatures: 90°F / 73°F (32°C / 23°C)
  • Rainfall: About 6.0 inches
  • Weather Patterns: September still sees high temperatures and frequent rainfall. The risk of hurricanes or tropical storms is at its highest.


  • Average High/Low Temperatures: 85°F / 65°F (29°C / 18°C)
  • Rainfall: About 3.3 inches
  • Weather Patterns: October marks the beginning of the cooler season. The humidity begins to drop, and the weather becomes more pleasant.


  • Average High/Low Temperatures: 79°F / 59°F (26°C / 15°C)
  • Rainfall: About 2.3 inches
  • Weather Patterns: November sees a significant drop in humidity and temperatures. Rainfall decreases, making it one of the drier months.


  • Average High/Low Temperatures: 73°F / 53°F (23°C / 12°C)
  • Rainfall: About 2.2 inches
  • Weather Patterns: December is cool and comfortable with low humidity and infrequent rainfall, offering a mild winter environment.

Although the central Florida Orlando area is quite consistent in terms of temperature shifts and seasonal changes, with the recent rise in global temperatures things have become a bit more unpredictable and erratic, but generally you can usually expect to get something within the parameters outlined above. However, the hurricane season from June through November does require some caution, especially in the peak months of August and September.

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